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George Michael Estate
Santa Barbara, California

"Make No Little Plans.
They Have No Magic to Stir Men's Blood"

Daniel Burnham

Originally designed and built for psychologists Scott and Susan Myers, this home was purchased in 1989 by English rock star George Michael, who sold it in 1996 to a German businessman. This home is the result of a happy merging of the ingredients necessary for a successful design: appreciative clients, a beautiful building site, an inspired design, and the determination by everyone involved to build the very best. I have added my personal comments with each view, found by hovering your curser over each photo. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the floor plans.


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Upper Floor Plan

The "Snowflake" shape of the upper level helps define the various functions within the Great Room. Each of the six segments have large bay windows that "frame" the views, and generous roof overhangs give a sense of shelter to a room with walls of glass. The six corner columns that support the roof are "cantilevered" from the lower lever to provide lateral support. The fireplace at the center is non-bearing; there is a tension ring around the perimeter of the room and a compression ring at the center so that whole roof is free-standing.

Lower Floor Plan

The entry is on a split level between the upper and lower floors. The main walls between the lower level rooms are designed to incorporate the the six columns that support the roof of the glass-walled Great Room above.

Guest House Floor Plan

The garage is separated from the rest of the guest house by a covered "breezeway" that protects the entry and the barbecue and connects the two terraces making a fine entertainment area.


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