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Skyline Drive
Laguna Beach, California

"Architecture is inhabited sculpture."

Constantin Brancusi, Romanian Sculptor

This house was built without my supervision and the finished product hardly resembles my original concept, shown in the perspective below. In fact, the style was changed so drastically that it was advertised for sale as "Santa Fe Style". I have never seen the completed home, and my only photographs are those taken from a sales brochure. It is located on a VERY steep, narrow lot with an ocean view and replaces a home that was destroyed by fire.



EMAIL: cliff


Upper Floor Plan

The flat portion of the roof continues around the perimeter of the house and extends into the interior to form soffits. The sloped standing-seam metal roof sits on top of the flat roof and forms clerestories at the gabled ends.

Main Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

A large 10 foot high retaining wall was all that remained of the previous home after it burned, and this was incorporated in the design as shown on the lower level plan; it is the only wall not built on the hexagonal pattern.


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