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Ballard Canyon Project
Santa Ynez Valley, California

“How disappointment tracks the steps of hope.”

Letitia Landon

This project was to have been built on a beautiful 168 acre parcel of rolling pasture and scattered groves of live oaks. The guest wing is shown on the right, the great room is on the left and the office/loft is on the upper level. In the foreground is the "infinity" swimming pool. The roof system consists of two basic elements; the flat portion around the perimeter forms both interior soffits and exterior trellises, and the pitched components which frame the clerestories at the gables.


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Main Floor Plan

One of this client's primary requirements was for the guest quarters to be entirely separated from the main house with no connecting hallway; it was to consist of two bedrooms and a sitting room.  This is one of my favorite designs and was to be located on an absolutely beautiful tract of land but alas, it was not to be.


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